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«Billiard and Pool Trophy»

Handcrafted Precious Sculptured Trophies


game billiard ball, malachite imitation , brass, wood.

Special order.

The art of playing billiards has its own aesthetics and mystery. A perfectly played ball is beautiful both by the magic of its movement and by the beauty of the very game, in which the balls contrasting with it in color are located on a bright green cloth in their combination. The eye takes a break from contemplating the subdued light of lampshades, the attractively glowing green twelve-foot field, and the monumentality and inviolability of the billiard tables themselves.

For the true player and master of the billiard game, billiard attributes are the symbols of this intelligent and dynamic game, and their combination easily shapes the basis of forms and lines magnificent in their aesthetics of the winning billiard trophy embodied in the award created by artisans and artists.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin