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«A Bear and Dogs»

Silver Diamond Chalcedony Jewelry Sculpture


silver, black diamonds, cognac diamonds, chalcedony.

Н-14-03-185 / special order.

Porcelain and bronzes on the table,

with amber pipes from Tsaregrad;

Such crystalled scents as best are able

to drive the swooning senses mad;

"Eugene Onegin" by A.S.Pushkin

It is already difficult to imagine such an atmosphere in a modern man's office room. But if the "swooning senses" remained in the 19th century, "bronzes on the table" are experiencing a rebirth these days. However, cabinet plastic art successfully evolved from bronze to silver, without losing its exclusivity.

"Dogs Hunting a Bear" is a modern precious jewelry sculpture. The scene, captured by the jewelers, is real, it was in reality. How did they manage to transfer energy of that close fight? Talents of artisans and the secrets of the profession were for that. The composition of silver is installed on a fragment of chalcedony. Chalcedony is a wonderful gem with unique properties. According to one legend, the Holy Grail was made of chalcedony because that stone is believed to accumulate energy. After that, it generously supplies its owner with it. There are over a hundred varieties of chalcedony.

A rare variety of chalcedony with the White Moss tint, on which the stone's image is so clearly visible, was used in the work "Dogs Hunting a Bear". By the way, chalcedony smells! Nevertheless, musky animalistic odor drowns out the scent of the stone and tickles the nostrils. The sculpture is so alive that the imagination allows you to hear the wheeze of the bear brought to bay, and uterine growling of dogs. Someone of them will have no chance, but who will be the last one standing? 

Executive sculpture "Dogs Hunting a Bear" is a frozen moment of a furious scrum. Bristled hair, grins, reflection of the archenemy in the facets of black and cognac diamonds... Still a moment and three predators will burst into a battle again.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin