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«Palace Secrets»

Silver Gold Diamond Ruby Smoky Quartz Petrified Wood Sculpture


silver, gold, black diamonds, white diamonds, rubies, petrified wood, smoky quartz.

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"Have more than thou showest,

Speak less than thou knowest,

Lend less than thou owest,

Ride more than thou goest,

Learn more than thou trowest,

Set less than thou throwest..."

William Shakespeare, "King Lear" (Fool's song)


 Office sculpture "Palace Secrets". When there is a seething cauldron of emotion, when political intrigues and love stories weave as tight spirals, when some palatial secrets bead another, only joker and jester does not lose his mind. As the fool at court is nearly the second post in the State. Even if the head wears cap and bells, jester always remains a symbolic twin of the King and that means the person who holds the keys to all the palace secrets and doors.

Office sculpture "His Majesty" is the most graceful example of the small sculptural forms! Cabinet plastic art has always had a special place in the artistic jewelry. Since the middle of the 19th century and to this day such works have evoked admiration and the desire to admire them each time by finding new parts in the jewelry masterpiece. "Palace Secrets" is the traditions established by Vasily Grachev, Eugene Lanceray, coupled with the talent and experience of the masters of the Classic Jewelry House "Lobortas"!

It is out there, at the backyard of the palace, the jester is deep in thought sitting on the oakwood barrel and is twisting the bunch of keys around his finger. There is no angry irony in his features, no sound from the pea bladder. Gray mice, witnesses of nocturnal conspiracies, and vociferous rooster, spectator of daylight intrigues, have already told the secrets, and he needs to think everything over properly, before singing another jolly song for the sovereign. And the monarch is better not to be made angry. However, while he does not watch, why don't you take an advantage of royal benefits and use his pillow jewelled with precious stones? The jester knows the true price of luxury and the ability of keeping silent.

Contemporary precious sculpture "Palace Secrets" was crafted by jewelers out of gold and silver. The details are delicately conveyed. The small spider of silver weaves the web, which will catch an ignorant fly. Oakwood barrel is full of wine, and such fantasy cut of topaz, recognizably depicts the noble drink's play – a separate jewelers' win! Dendritic agate is in the base of the sculpture. It is a sort of fossil tree. The age of this fragment can reach hundred million years!

In such way the atmosphere of the wise contemplation was conveyed with the plastic art, precious stones and the smallest details.

Office sculpture "Palace Secrets" – wise and jocular song of the minstrel.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin