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«The Grain of Wisdom»

Silver Gold Diamond Ruby Sapphire Emerald Sculpture


silver, gold, bronze, diamonds, cognac diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, yellow sapphires, orange sapphires, blue sapphires, terracotta sapphires, emeralds, rubies tsiozit with inclusions.

№ Н-14-10-619 / special order.

Not everyone can see the wisdom grain

In that stone...

 The national memory keeps a lot of legends, parables and the most unbelievable stories about a rebel and philosopher, sage and simpleton Hodja Nasreddin. His extraordinary wit, tenacious glance, ironical humor, particular talent to find the unconventional ways out of the situation, making us look at many things with his eyes, turned him into a symbol of worldly wisdom.

With all their talent jewelers of the Lobortas House have put one of the Hodja legends into the precious sculpture of noble metals. As the true knowledge is always worth its weight in gold. Diamonds of knowledge, sapphires of doubts, rubies of quests, emeralds of truth – everything is symbolic and allegoric here.

Riding on his favorite donkey back to front, the wanderer has particularly resolved the dilemma of the chosen way, having given respect to the disciples who follow him being still their mentor. And really, the moving direction and look not always coincide. That is why the crystal of mind, symbolized by the 1/3 ct. pure diamond, is in Hodja's one hand and the seed of wisdom robed in the twinkling 1/3 ct. ruby in another. They both are truly amazing! Generous in the same way as the Allah's gifts are, as the stones of truth, as gold and jewels, can be found literally under the feet on the pedestal of polished zoisite.

And even wise and patient donkey is an eternal companion of the cheerful philosopher – enjoys the wisdom, embodied in Hodja's scrolls.

The parable is beautiful and didactic, the realization is talented, the stones are refined, the technique is virtuous, the composition is harmonious in another jewelry story...

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Photo by Vladislav Filin