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«Arabian Horse»

Silver Gold Diamond Lapis Lazuli Sculpture


silver, gold, diamonds, lapis lazuli.

№ Н-14-07-489 / special order.

Regardless of whether he tears along the green prairies like a released arrow, whether ambles amidst the volatile sands of the desert, whether is galloping through the hazy spaces... Whether he is beckoned by fighting anthems, summoned by the loud camp songs, whether the ancient notes of nomadic life call him, whether triumphal competition cups lure him, he is always slender, daring, light. He is always victorious, prideful and glorious.

Descendant of Arabian sunsets, weaved of southern hot wind, according to legend, through the centuries the Arabian horse has brought its grandeur and graceful beauty. The beauty deserved to be glorified in precious stones. It can be presented as a gift, tamed, captured, but don't even think about outshining his speed, irrepressibility, impetuosity. His pace is a breathtaking beautiful dance. His movements are as if woven of silver threads, and the posture is kingly and inimitable. His steps sound like golden tinges, and the strength and power shines with diamonds in the background of the lapis lazuli, particularly revered in the East as a heroic horse as well. Beautiful lazurite, as though the inverted southern sky, lies at the feet of the winner... And he keeps riding on and on forward to the stars, heights, new victories...

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Photo by Vladislav Filin