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Silver Diamond Jasper Sculpture


silver, cognac diamonds, jasper.

№ Н-12-10-782 / special order.

Unique sculptural works of small forms by artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House gain attention of their audience, owing to their identity and realistic images that are reflected in masterpieces of small plastic art. Each work of jewelry extremely accurately delineates all characteristic, even the tiniest details of reality, making a small plastic handcrafted work the exact picture of the world in the format of jewelry.

The work of Savanna is a vivid example of the expressiveness and vitality in the genuine story of the world, in the masterpiece of small plastics, depicting a confrontation between a crocodile and two lionesses. The authors of the jeweled work managed to convey the vitality and character movements and postures perfectly, having embodied a battle for life, its naturalism and power thereat, deftly finding room for the magnitude of actions in the sculptural works of small forms.

Image of a crocodile and lionesses, engaged in an interior jewelry piece, recreating the world of wild savanna, is an embodiment of the harsh reality of a tropical area, where its inhabitants need an unbridled power, the wild snap, unmatched agility and speed, shown in the sculpture, to survive.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin