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«Hunting the Hare»

Silver Bronze Diamond Unakite Petrified Wood Sculptuter


silver, bronze, cognac diamonds, black diamonds, Unakite, petrified wood.

Н-14-07-427/1 / special order.

The history of falconry is deeply rooted in the history. It was well-known among Chinese emperors, sultans of Persia, at the Middle East. In the middle ages, it was borrowed by all European dynasties. A hunter with a bird. Pastime for dexterous, daring, wise, persistent men. Pastime considered in many countries as a privilege for the nobility only. It is necessary to remember that the basis of falconry is the serving of man to bird. Carnivore cannot be tamed. Man nurtures falcon, and falcon nurtures man.

It is enough once to see the noble hunter's dive attack with the wings folded in a blue sky or instantaneous turns in the pursuit of the prey trying to escape, or heavy aquiline flap over the land before the hare leaped up to "get bitten by the bug" of hunting for the rest of life.

With amazing mastery, sculpture composition "Hunting the Hare" captures the final instant of the proud hunter’s lightning-like attack, and nothing in the world will be able to pull the prey out of his talons.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin