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"Moose and Wolves"

Jewelry Sculpture

Lobortas House is known for its jewelry sculptures created in the animalier style, which depicted animals in active poses with realistic anatomy, using decorative stones as the bases for the sculpture compostions.


silver, bronze, brass, cognac diamonds, black diamonds, chalcedony.

№ Н-16-11-688 / special order.

"Meanwhile Pavel Petrovich had gone back to his elegant study, which was decorated with handsome blue wallpaper, and with weapons hanging from a multicolored Persian carpet fixed to the wall; it had walnut furniture, upholstered in dark green velvet, a Renaissance bookcase of ancient black oak, bronze statuettes on the magnificent writing desk, an open hearth"

 I. S. Turgenev "Fathers and Sons" (1862)

 Contemporary study sculpture is the Renaissance of once popular tenor in arts. Study plastic art, having appeared in the second half of the 19th century, was at the height of its fame for not very long – for a couple of decades. However, its works have still been kept on tables and stored in unique collections for many, many years.

Study sculpture "Moose and Wolves" – is frozen at its culmination play of your own personal theater of sculptures. "Moose and Wolves" – an intimate work that exists in a single copy. It follows the old traditions, when such works were produced in small batches and sometimes were sold out before the eye of the public catches them.

"Moose and Wolves", an exhibit made of silver – dense forest, full moon and drama that is played out on the precious patch of petrified wood. This mineral is attractive not only for its history (age fragment can reach 200 million years), but also special beauty – waxy shine and growth rings are intrinsic only to the dendritic agate.

Ancient tree, an ancient enmity... Only hoarse breath and lustre of diamonds violate monolithic darkness of deep night. By the artisans' will, the play's main characters have frozen in slow motion.

Who will emerge victorious from this battle – time will tell.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin