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Gold Silver Diamond 1000 Carat Topaz Amonit Sculpture Composition


gold, silver, diamonds (165 total pcs), topaz (1,000 Ct), amonit.

Special order.

The world begins with the Light that radiates Love! What is Love? This is the cosmic force of attraction of souls, particles, elements, etc. This is the force of creation and transformation of everything that exists in the Universe. Love is the Foundation of the Universe, the quintessence of Life, the beginning of the very existence! Love controls the cosmos, the visible and invisible world, and people. There is no life without Love!

The entire universe, galaxies, stars, planets, people, all living and inanimate world created by Love and for Love! The fundamental power of Love is the desire to create the world, to transform it. This is the pursuit of perfection, which, as we know, has no limits! Man is the pinnacle, a kind of apotheosis of the creation of a living being. Only he can feel the fullness of eternal, immortal Love in his soul, dedicate his life to Her, and transmit this cosmic power to the whole world. Love is a vital force, the energy of life, the daily bread of a person, without which the very process of being is unthinkable! The ability to love, to give love to others, to improve oneself and the world around you through Love is the greatest talent and value of a person! Life is a complex, continuous path to the realization of the perfection of Love!

The Love experiences and improves the person at the same time. She radiates Light that transforms and changes the human soul, and together with it, the whole world around us! People who are in love with life begin to perceive it in a new way, to rediscover the amazing, unsurpassed magic of eternal music, the beauty and perfection of colors, hues, smells, and previously unknown sounds of nature, they discover the greatest secrets of being, of the Beauty and Beautiness! Every day their soul experiences incredible feelings that open her to the comprehension of a new, wonderful facet of Love!

This masterpiece of jewelry art can be called another way: Eternal Love, Light of Love or Soul of the Universe, because every atom, every micron of this sculptural ensemble radiates tremendous internal energy and creative power, that attracts not only the eye, but fills and transforms his or her inner spiritual world while influencing the feelings and thoughts of a person.

Sky blue Topaz symbolizes our tiny world, the blue planet Earth in the arms of immortal Love, and the figures of a man and a woman bent to each other, made of silver, painted with earth and space ornaments inlaid with diamonds – the unity of the Universe, the triumph and perfection of Life without the beginning and an end, the harmony and beauty of eternal Love!

The whole world is fragrant, as if I breathe

The whole world is fragrant, as if I breathe happiness,
Love blooms with the Beauty that Heavens have entrusted to her!

– Unknown Eastern poet of the XII century.


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Photo by Vladislav Filin