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«Falcon Hunting»

Silver Diamond Tiger Eye Bronze Sculpture


silver, cognac diamonds, tiger's eye, bronze.

Н-12-08-666 / special order.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

- Leonardo da Vinci

Probably everyone who watched the flight of birds soaring in the sky, experienced an amazing and astonishing feeling of delight and moderate sadness! Shock and admiration comes from the grace, elegance and inexpressible beauty of the birds in flight. When looking from the ground at this celebration of life, a man also pursues moving towards the skies, but he is not allowed to fly in heavens like a bird.

On the other hand, people are able to internally contemplate, perceive and absorb the beauty and perfection of the world around them! Great creators transformed and recreated the beauty of the soul in word, sound, color, stone, wood, etc.

Falconry is an expression, dynamism, inner tension, anticipation of the future flight, freedom, space and expanse of the sky artfully embodied in the nobility of silver and the sublimity of diamonds.

The Falcon is made of non-oxidizing silver that does not darken with time. You can't take your admiring gaze away from the natural noble color and texture of the bird's plumage. This similarity was achieved for the first time in the history of sculptural jewelry! The unique effect was obtained as a result of an exceptional jewelry experiment, and the result will rightfully go down in the records of the 21st century world jewelry art history.

An intelligent, sublime bird is gracefully preparing to soar high to hug the heavens with its mighty wing arms. Cold diamonds of the eyes convey magnetism, concentration and sharpness of the falcon's gaze, and strong paws and tenacious claws that have gnawed on master's glove show elasticity and strength of the bird’s muscles, self-discipline, inner spurt, desire to be free, anticipation and thirst for the upcoming flight! Soaring in the air is like the music that sounds only in the sky above, and everyone who has once heard it in heavens is constantly striving upward to experience the sweetness of this bliss again! Human life is a complex, continuous path to perfection!

The presented sculpture is a true masterpiece of jewelry art that embodies the beauty and perfection of the world around us in metal and stone. Moreover, to create and give beauty is the man’s central goal!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin