Folding Glass «Safari»

8,970 C$


silver, gilding, rhodium plating, coin line engraving.

№ Н-21-08-353

The word of “Safari”, translated from the Swahili meaning “the journey”, from the second half of the 19th century had a deeper meaning, which concealed the romance of hunting expeditions filled with adventures and first discoveries. Going on such expeditions, their participants, inspired by their predecessors, became prototypes of book and film characters.

On a long journey, having reached the goal, it was decided to celebrate the victory with a glass of expensive whiskey, as mentioned in novels by Allan Quartermain. Collapsible shot glasses were always handy for such an event.

Nowadays, Safari traditions have not lost their strength, and folding glasses have not lost their relevance.

The collapsible shot glass of Safari crafted out of precious metals through the use of rhodium, decorated with masterly coin line and capacity engraving techniques combined with lithography, will tell you about the beauty of the African prairies and wild animals inhabiting them and will fully convey the exquisite taste of expensive whiskey.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las