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Latest innovations and inventions in the field of jewellery and applied arts have been a fundamental principle and exclusive priority of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House since its foundation.

The result of this work is unique reference samples of precious stones and metals, classic designs, unmatched detailed models and prototypes of the future pieces of jewellery. All our developments in jewellery are accompanied by technological maps, the know-hows and methods of their application; engineering systems and innovative inventions.

We can proudly say that the world's leading experts recognize: “House of Lobortas is a classic jewellery art of the 21st century”.

Our House smoothly combines creative laboratory and design office. For more than 30 years of our existence, we established more than 120 inventions and plenty of innovations. All artisans and artists of the House are involved in the birth of new works. This principle of scientific creativity is defined as collective author.

The House sells its own creative projects and runs intellectual and technological works in the field of jewellery and decorative arts on demand.

Our designs and prototypes of artistic jewellery, created in the experimental workshops of the House that unites multiple authors, whose names are marked with personal author's brand on reference samples of the works.

Specialists of the House are familiar with virtually all known jewellery techniques that are standard in the world of jewellery and applied arts. Author's samples are made in a single copy and represent high technical and intellectual value. Activity of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House focuses on the formation of the new world values.

Thus, there are orders for the designing of high artistic jewellery, accompanied by our copyright control from companies in many countries of the world.

We can say without exaggeration that our achievements are known in every country where there are true connoisseurs of beauty.

Founder of the House Igor Lobortas, is the author and inventor of many jeweled, artistic and technical solutions, including the innovative ones, proven by international patents. Based on historical analysis of the world jewellery heritage of past centuries, Igor Lobortas, formulated the theory which justified the need to integrate the masterpieces of contemporary jewellery art in modern history.

Thus, the masterpieces of new era are interwoven in seamlessly significant historical events, closely related to the modern great personalities and famous places.

By implementing this innovative theory, the Jewellery House continuously holds the demonstration exhibitions in different countries, where unique collection that has been established by artists and artisans of the House for decades is displayed. Due to the new integrated approach, each work of the collection and the collection itself is more and more world recognized every year, thereby becoming a part of the civilization's historical treasure trove.

Works of the Lobortas Jewellery House are included in the collections of the famous museums and are in ownership of historic persons. New standards have been actively involved in activities meaningful for humanity. Experts recognized their significant samples of the new millennium.

Innovative designs of the House, embodied in the true masterpieces, have become the topics for diploma and dissertation theses for specialists from different countries, and the information about them was included into special and inquiry books, encyclopedias.

Tens or hundreds of thousands of articles are written about the most iconic achievements of the House in the world's press publications and social networks.

Today, Classic Jewellery House "Lobortas" is a world's music metronome of bewitching jewellery creation, with which elite modern craftsmen of the radiant world of luxury and timeless beauty synchronize their sounds.