«St. Andrew the First Called»

Icon Pendant


gold, enamel, diamonds, rubies.

№ 713120



«St. Andrew the Apostle»

Icon Pendant


A prayer, painted with a pencil or the one, expressed in the words, have a particular force, save the soul, open your heart, and give peace and protection. There is a special sacral sense in the icon pendants, in those, which are kept at the heart, in those that warm us and fill with light. We become closer to God, by believing in and trusting Him and His guardian angels, saints and saviors. Divine grace, love, spiritual generosity and wisdom are descending upon us. Our thoughts become clear, reference points in life are reevaluated, the choice is easier and the path is righteous. As the path, on which the apostle walked, the first of the called ones. That is why he is the First-Called.

So you want to whisper ardent words of prayer, acquiring strength with each inmost sound, becoming familiar with and touching the ancient covenants, feeling warmth and love with each of your cells. You want so much to admire the miniature icon, skillfully created by the artisans of today in accordance with the ancient precepts and techniques… The icon, painted with bright ancient timeless finift, in gold setting with diamonds chaste as the saint's tear and rubies shedding light.