Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Small Cross Pendants Collection


gold, diamond, enamel

№ Н-15-09-736

№ Н-16-10-636

gold, diamonds, enamel

№ 610/1




Cross Pendant


The incredible beauty and flawless execution of the "Vyshyvanka" cross captivate, fascinate, rivet the eyes. The skill of the artists working on the creation of the canonical jewelry, wins the heart forever. It is impossible not to admire the filigree handicraft and delightful harmony of unique jewelry piece's patterns. After all, in it with a totally miniature size, they managed to do so much: to tell the fascinating story, to look deep into centuries, to reflect fullness and magnificence of the universe. 

Slim composition, its absolute rhythm and regularity recalls fascinating geometry of stained-glass windows and mosaics that adorn ancient churches. Like the marvelous divine light flows through thin glass with gleams colorfully playing in ancient images intently and strictly looking at us from the depths of centuries. 

Graphic and tuned lines reflect the original, lyrical creativity of the Ukrainian people. Like a stitch falls to stitch, threads interweave evenly and smoothly and sublime images come alive on the blank canvas. 

Scenic, surprisingly beautiful shades and tints of hot enamels are painting the world surrounding us. Like blue skies, it is bottomless, unbridled, enticing. Like the emerald expanse of endless fields that are stretched from edge to edge...