«The Life of Tao»

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silver, gold, diamonds, cognac diamonds, black diamonds, blue sapphires, yellow sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, pomegranates, orange topaz, tsavorite, agate, jade, rhyolite, sodalite.

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The essence of balance is not to cling. 

The essence of relaxation is not to restrain. 

The essence of naturalness is not to make efforts. 

Daoist Wisdom

Water, ink, flourish, stain... everything's to the point, everything's for something. Since today is an era of unpredictability and endless intertwinings. In conditions of chaos, it would be a sad mistake to head for a rigid framework. Everything is more plastic and more complex: any random conversation or incidentally whistling phrase can be decisive in your destiny. They are able to turn the course of life in the opposite direction... Calligraphy helps to enter a special meditative state, moreover, it helps to feel the karmic concept of Tao man more deeply and clearly, the essence that is called destiny or fate in everyday life. 

Tao generates a unit, the unit generates two more – Yin and Yang, which, when set in motion, become three and spawn the entire manifested world. Tao is the source of all forms. The creative spirit that makes and destroys, but creation and destruction equally make and sustain this world, by providing its existence in the form, in which we know it... In addition, the eternal Tao is the eternal action or the principle of creation that is responsible for the origin of uniqueness and duality and at the same time for the beginning of the world and creation. 

The Dalai Lama expressed the essence of karma once: it is action, continuous stepping forward. The path of destiny is paved only by your steps. Each step is the responsibility for the future ground. And every step is always change, growth, because, as the Dalai Lama said, no matter how comfortable you sit on a chair, in ten minutes your body will become numb, and you will have to change your position... 

If you do not want to drown in life, you will have to flow all the time, keep flowing all the time, keep changing all the time, as the most constant thing in this world is time. Today, this common truth overtakes us at every step our experience and life consists of... 

Irina Khakamada

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Photo by Vladislav Filin