«Gothic Liana»

Enamel Diamond Gold Wedding Rings


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 262/2



«Gothic Liana»

Enamel Diamond Gold Wedding Rings


"A well-turned maze. Primeval wood and stone.

The Gothic spirit's rational abyss... "

Notre Dame by Osip Mandelstam


Wedding rings "Gothic Liana" joint soaring of souls. Classically shaped "Gothic Liana" are decorated with distinctive ornamentation with complex rhythm of movement. They are dynamic and daunting as everything that corresponds to Gothic style. Here is shine of the church gold, and here are the unfading colors of altar painting and, of course, stained-glass windows that attach the celebratory solemnity to the jewel.

The name "Gothic" was invented by the Italians to refer to a style that seemed to them worthy of expendable Goths.

In the later Gothic period, abundance of enamel inserts and distinctive decorating patterns became typical for jewelry. The abundance of stones, combinations of inserts were inspired by usage of stained glass fragments when putting the buildings into shape in Gothic style where the Gothic vault is a phenomenon of architectural levitation.

Purple and blue were considered mystical, transcendent. Theologian and philosopher Nicholas of Cusa called purple the "harmony of contradictions". The purple stone of amethyst was considered as the sign of Cardinal's dignity. Blue (cyan) symbolized the sky for Christians. It was the color of eternity, it adjusted to contrition, piety, expressed the idea of abnegation and meekness.

Unlike transcendental blue, Green was worldlier. It meant life, spring, nature, flowering, youth. It dominated in the Christian art.