«Maltese Cross»

Enamel Gold Church Wedding Rings


gold, enamel.

№ 332


Wedding rings mean much more than just jewels, more than luxury decoration. This jewel masterpiece has a symbolic meaning. They express importance and magnificence of this event. They create an atmosphere of a mystery when two souls, lives and destinies blessed by the Lord become one.

“Maltese Cross” are exclusive handmade wedding rings. They are impressively beautiful and express a deep sense. Classic laconic shape was chosen to symbolize the mystery of marriage, faith and devotion in this piece of jewelry art. They have become unique due to a special ornament. Its central element is the Maltese cross. This is a sacral sign that has more than one meaning. It symbolizes harmony of a human and the world, a union of a men and a woman. Besides that the Maltese Cross was an emblem of the Knights Hospitaller and symbolizes human virtues such as sincerity, patience, faith. These virtues help make the divine union of a married couple strong and everlasting.