Wedding Rings


To start a family – an important and challenging step, when two people, who love each other, create their hearth and home, the main purpose of which is the love and the continuation of the human race. Therefore,there is a tradition of exchanging the rings to staple before the God two loving hearts with ties of marriage.

First nuptial and wedding rings were different concepts. Nuptial rings were considered as wedding rings, and wedding rings – were given on the day of the marriage proposal and were intended for engagement. For example, in Kievan Rus' there was a certain tradition: long before the solemn day of the wedding, broom and bride put the engagement rings on each other's fingers. This ceremony meant that relatives of broom and bride have given the blessing for their family union. Sometimes children had been prepared to create a family since childhood. Boys wore a silver ring, as a symbol of physical force and power, and girls wore a gold ring, as a symbol of purity.

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There are a great number of assumptions as to where and when a sacrament of marriage was born, in which the betrothed put the wedding rings on each other's fingers. From one source, wedding ceremony originated in Ancient Egypt, from another – in Ancient Greece. Although most people concurthat, the ceremony has been borrowed from the ancient Romans. Nuptial rings, embodying infinity, have been a symbol of love and devotion, purity and cleanliness. And they have become the prototypes of modern wedding rings.

The sacrament of marriage is inextricably connected with the wedding ceremony and the celebration of the appearance of a new family. The wedding requires a special approach, the newlyweds consult with list of services in wedding salon to get new wedding ideas. Every detail is very important here: how to chose the wedding dress, wedding design, wedding celebration, wedding floristics and hall decoration, to order wedding photographer, sending invitations to friends and hostages to fortune, as well as such not less important matters: "How to choose wedding shoes? ", "What wedding accessories to match?". Whether should it be cheap jewelry "Pandora" or "Swarovski", or for this symbolic day to select unique jewelry accessories and natural stone jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces, created in a single copy specifically for the happiest day in the life of every young woman. Nevertheless, the choice of unique wedding rings is a first priority.

Today precious wedding rings not only have not lost their popularity, but also have earned even more. "Damiani", "Cartier", "Tiffany", "Dior", "Van Cleef & Arpels" wedding rings have filled the catalogs of fashionable jewelry boutiques, but of the highest value will always be unique handcrafted wedding rings, bespoken for the special someone. Such wedding jewelry are not simply a jewel or gem, they are works of art, and your beloved one will be proud to wear the symbol of your endless love on her hand.