«Hidden Joy»

14.78 Carat Pearl Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Top Class


18ct yellow, white gold, in the centre - pearl 14.78ct, total diamond weight of 0.79ct 283pcs

№ 753840


«Hidden Joy»

14.78 Carat Pearl Diamond Gold Ring


Catherine de’ Medici Brilliance and elegance, intrigues and power. The was suspected of many intrigues and murders, but no one of them was confirmed by the researchers. The image of the queen in fiction and cinema is very far from real Catherine de’ Medici.

It is an indisputable fact that Catherine de’ Medici was one of the most powerful women of the XVI century.

It is a jewel fact Catherine de’ Medici was proud of being the owner of one of the biggest collections of pearls.

The ring “Hidden Joy” was inspired by the image of the mysterious queen. The hoop of the ring is a reproduction of the Medici`s belt designed by Catherine. It was a wide belt that looked like a corset forming a V-shaped neck. It ephasized the most beautiful lines of a woman`s body.

The ring`s lines look like a high queen`s collar sprinkled with diamonds. This is another invention of Catherine de’ Medici that was named after her.

The crown of “Hidden Joy” is a cut Taiti pearl with fully symmetrical faces. Only a few of masters are able to do such kind of work with pearls.

Gold ring “Hidden Joy” is royal magnificence and a hymn of hidden jewel love of the queen.


Special features of the work:

The pearl, cut by famous artisan Victor Tuzlukov, the world champion of precious stone faceting in 2010 is the central part of the ring. V. Tuzlukov has developed unique faceting type, which is used for the pearls.

Harmoniously dynamic form of the ring, which is intensified by the central mirrored bowl and virtuoso handcrafted jewelry engraving, stresses the uniqueness of this pearl. The work is crafted out of the sheet gold, without molding and industrial technologies.