The World Around Us

Unique collection, reflecting the nature and the entire beauty of the surrounding world with the help of jewelry art

"The World Around Us" – unique collection of jewelry, gold enamel rings, reflecting the nature and the entire beauty of the surrounding world with the help of jewelry art as a means of seeing the world different – through the prism of precious stones and jewelry enamels. Collection "The World Around Us" includes unique ring with cloisonne enamel. These are the handcrafted gold rings, showing the surrounding world in one jewelry - rings with flowers, rings with the animals, rings with miraculous creatures, rings, on which with jewelry enamel any natural phenomenon is shown.

Available unique handcrafted The World Around Us rings:


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The history of reflecting the world around through the prism of jewelry is rooted in ancient times, however the birth of this artistic jewelry segment, in that shape, which we are now experiencing, started only in the XIX century. The world of nature, Medieval and Renaissance were a constant inspiration to jewelers. Dedication to medieval themes, typical of Froman-Marise, spread in England as well. Robert Phillips was the jeweler, who created such jewelry. Fantasy and originality were the characteristics of his works, where human beings, angels, heraldic and architectural themes were freely built in complicated framings with patterns and ornaments. In jewelry art naturalism reigned: bouquets of flowers, branches, leaves, sprouts, vines, grapes and berries were naturally depicted. The interest to nature characteristic of Romanticism was expressed in herbaria and in exotic spices that are new for Europe. Language of flowers that gained popularity in the early nineteenth century, was still in progress.

In the 1840s brooches and hair jewelry in the shape of bouquets of flowers was adorned with cascading diamond raindrops or seeds pouring out of a flower. Jewelry with blue or bright green enamel in mid-century was made on the surface with intersecting radiating or concentric patterns and was an integral part of diamond jewelry with plant motives. At the time of the Paris Exhibition in 1855, Mellerio, Ruvena and other French jewelers have demonstrated charming wreaths and flower bouquets, studded with diamonds, with blue and green enamel.

In our time unusual jewelry theme "The World Around Us" is gaining tremendous popularity. So, mini-gardens of the designer Sarah Hood evoke admiration. Bonsai micro-trees on the rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces is the joint creative work of the Artist and Nature. Or Flowers and Leaves by Christine MасKellаr, as well as colorful Australian landscape necklaces Suzette Watkins, reflecting an uncharted world around us. The World Around Us – unique gemstone rings with cloisonne enamel, rings with flowers, rings with animals.