Gold Diamond Ring

Collection: Pret-a-Porte


gold, diamonds.

№ КИ 907-10


«Solo. Chinese Girl»

Gold Diamond Ring


Gold ring “Solo. Chinese Girl”. Weakness is a woman`s power.

The sophisticated ring “Solo. Chinese Girl” is a precious image of a tiny and slim music woman who has just tuned the highest note and suddenly becomes motionless like a porcelain figure. the string keeps on vibrating, but the musician is now listening to herself and her thoughts are far away from here.

Tiny lines of the “Solo. Chinese Girl” create an illusory feeling of fragility, but the diamond is invincible.

What is hidden in the “Solo. Chinese Girl” by the masters of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House? Was it a final note of victory or a hieroglyph that glorifies a Woman?

Gold ring “Solo. Chinese Girl” is art of being an artist.