Men’s Designer Rings


Handmade men's jewelry holds its own popularity against women's analogs and itsstory is impressive. The main difference of men's jewelry is rigor, solidity, minimalism of additional elements. It should be borne in mind, that to various handmade jewelry – medallions, seal rings with precious and semiprecious stones – for centuries the homage has been paid by the world's most powerful and wealthy representatives of the stronger sex. Today male celebrities, surrounded by floodlights and camera flashes, rightly consider fine jewelry products of very elaborate work as an important part of their image and status. George Clooney prefers to adhere to strict men's classics. His handtailored suits are sometimes decorated with charmingly conservative details like cufflinks and tie clips with precious stones. The British actor Jude Law has been repeatedly recognized by various publications as the most stylish man. He always looks courageous, at ease and elegance. You can notice him to wear only trendy and concise watches. Johnny Depp is attracted to black pearl, with which Tahiti Island is famous for: this stone is set to actor's pendant, as well as to one of his precious stone rings. It can be assumed that the sympathy comes from film cycle "Pirates of the Caribbean", where Depp's protagonist – the glorious pirate and captain of "Black Pearl" warcraft – Jack Sparrow.

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In accordance with the contemporary trends, many fashion brands output in high volume popular men's jewelry. Versace Jewelry House, following the fashion, has released gold rings, with Gorgon's head depicted on them. English jeweler Stephen Webster presented handmade jewelry in punk style, and the main elements of products were stylized to show British flag, stonework, chains and skulls. The DeBeers Award winner, brand from Italy Baraka, presented two types of men's jewelry with precious stones. The first one is work of white and pink gold with black diamonds. The second one is of white gold and black steel. Another Italian brand DeMаriа Italia developed conceptual precious rings with stones, titled Human Rights, decorated in the graffiti style and containing the idea of individual freedom.