Gold Emerald Ring

Collection: Horoscope Signs of the Zodiac


gold, diamonds, emeralds.

№ of233


Taurus is a symbol of will, perseverance and development. Soul dominates over Spirit, which tells us about the considerable nearness of a sign to the Nature and Earth, Stamina and endurance, skill to protect acquired, which allows to accumulate vast potential of spiritual energy.

The art presented to your attention is filled with power capable of reviving of all matters of existence. Geometry and nature of performance literally emit the power of the Earth. The key zodiacal color of the Taurus is represented by an emerald in the center of a composition and is shining with green tints of the Earth in its May sunrise: with a luminous grass pour on the Kupala Night, with eternal cold shades of transparent springs protecting Earth in heat and sultriness.

The ring "Taurus" not only answers the spirit of time of post-modernism by its perfect geometrical shape, but also contains in itself energy and power of the traditions of ancestors. Full of excellence in all its chiselled lines, it can help every desire of the owner.