«Ice Cream»

Enamel Diamond Ruby Gold Ring

Collection: Lux Class


gold, diamonds, rubies, enamel.

№ 615222


«Ice Cream»

Enamel Diamond Ruby Gold Ring


Sweet tender temptation

The master has chosen a good recipe

For jewel ice cream


Sweetness of existence.. Joy of new tastes.. Shining with shades and combinations of colors.. New desires: to try, taste, enjoy.. Childhood memories of favorite ice cream. It had magical, creamy, sweet and cool aftertaste. Having tried on this ring you will have almost the same feeling.

Jewels have a lot of in common with sweets. They are tasty, beautiful and unique. They are made with all our heart and skills. We mix the ingredients for you to be pleased by a sweet taste. Pure deepness of enamels is so attractive, diamonds shine is so sweet, drops of rubies encourage to try precious ice cream.

You will appreciate the gift and skills of the jeweler who created this sweet masterpiece.