«Conversation With Time»

9.92 Carat Emerald Diamond Sapphire Ruby Gold Ring

Collection: Lux Class


18ct yellow gold, a centre stone – emerald 9.92ct, total diamond weight of 0.09ct 8pcs, total ruby weight of 0.23ct 8pcs, total sapphires weight of 0.15ct 4pcs.


«Conversation With Time»

9.92 Carat Emerald Diamond Sapphire Ruby Gold Ring


“Human memory is like a film. For all our lives all what we have been trying to do is erasing what had already been filmed.”

Ray Bradbury


Gold ring “Conversation with Time” is a talk that began yesterday, lasts today and will go on tomorrow, which means forever. That is why “tomorrow” means something that was invented for us by Time. It is a mysterious place where our hopes, love and faith are kept. But only time knows where this place is. It will speak in a whisper about it promising and worning.

The Masters of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House reflected the eternity of rapid time flow. Gold whirlpools of time embraces the gemstones. Diamonds, rubies, blue sapphires are bright events that make a life interesting, colorful and fantastic. The central gemstone of the ring is a big emerald. This kind of an emerald is much more precious than a diamond of the same kind. Paying homage to His Majesty Time the jewelers used “cabochon” - an old kind of cut for the emerald. In the ring “Conversation with Time” this crystal emanates pure shining energy.

Precious spirals of the ring have shapes of gold snails. It is a symbol of time. The spirals of the shells symbolize the eternity and infinity.

Try to keep the fragile gravity of the moon and the sunrise, summer fields and a leaving train, the stars shining in the night and a bright memory.

What is Time talking about, what does it want to hear from us?

Gold ring “Conversation with Time”. I will think about it tomorrow.


Special features of the work:

The artistic solution of the ring contains the original architectural design, which implies the smoothness and flexibility of the lines. The composition is made of thin sheet of gold, supplemented with handcrafted jewelry engravings.

Treated emerald.

The work is crafted out of the sheet gold, without molding and industrial technologies.