Engagement Ring


gold, diamonds, topaz, diamond 0.26Ct.

№ Н-14-11-732/Н-16-04-299



Engagement Ring


«On dit qu’au delà des mers

Là-bas sous le ciel clair

Il existe une cité

Au séjour enchanté

Et sous les grands arbres noirs

Chaque soir

Vers elle s’en va tout mon espoir»

Joséphine Baker, French music hall star of 1920s


Engagement ring “Joséphine”is a cherry kiss! While creating this piece of art he masters of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House were inspired by roaring twenties` star, black-skinned dancer and singer Joséphine Baker. Whole France adored her because of her freedom of dance, freedom of thought and self-expression. And Joséphine requited this love: «J’ai deux amours мon pays et Paris» (I have two loves: my country and Paris).

Gusty and passionate, engagement ring “Joséphine” was created by masters in Art Deco style which is a characteristic of jazz epoch. There are a style of “Great Gatsby” and favorite motives of a great jeweler of Art Deco age George Fouquet: sophisticated gold lines of rings and stylized diamond hearts praise great and passionate nature. “Joséphine” is a hot temperament and beautiful garnet in the heart of this precious composition! This is cherry wine and a kiss which you will never forget! This is a jewel ode for those cracking women. As BoneyM sang: “Everybody wants to dance like Joséphine Baker”!