Gold Diamond Ring With Rubies

Collection: Horoscope Signs of the Zodiac


gold, diamonds, rubies.

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The majority of representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio is recognized winners and undeniable leaders. The only thing about which they have to worry is their attitude towards their power which can do both ennoble and completely destroy. Signet ring "Scorpio" by the artisans of the House "Lobortas" is the embodiment of strength, it is able to balance by the magic of ruby ​​all the passions of the future owner. Simple and exquisite shape is surrounded by the circumference of the zodiacal totem whose tail is able to sting an opponent in case of an attack. Wise and strong Scorpios will evaluate this work of art made with exquisite perfection. The gleam of diamonds reflects all the solar world as a rainbow, and this reflection is a power and beauty of rubies so valued at a court of Byzantine emperors. Ring, despite of the static nature, is buffered energy of the representatives of Scorpio sign. Concise asymmetric shape, as if a bowstring, having dragged a diamond glow, creates an impression of a huge internal energy and latent potential.