«A Message from Heaven»

Aquamarine Diamond Gold Pendant-Ring

Collection: High-End


gold, diamonds, aquamarine.

№ 615056


«A Message from Heaven»

Aquamarine Diamond Gold Pendant-Ring


Heaven symbolize crystal pureness and eternal beauty. Heaven were considered to be a source of satisfaction and happiness on Earth. A tiny ring pendant made by the masters and artists of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House reflects all these qualities.

Aquamarine is a blue heart of the decoration. It is a symbol of justice and true, it works its magic with its elegance and tiny sophisticated lines decorated by diamonds of fanciful cut. These diamonds look like silk threads.

This ring pendant can decorate your hand or neck and will surely give its mistress a feeling of delight and charm. Who else except heaven can give a woman such unforgettable joy?


Special features of the work:

1. The ring contains the special architectural design and the author's idea was the double art object - ring and pendant as in the bottom of the ring the special loop is mounted, through which there is an opportunity to let the chain through, and the ring becomes a pendant.

2. The central stone is a pear-shaped aquamarine, encrusted through white gold with the pear-shaped diamond. No treated aquamarine.

3. The work is crafted out of the sheet gold, without molding and industrial technologies.