Gold Diamond Enamel Ring

Collection: Ethnic Patterns


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 753932




"With thunder, fern bud swells and blossoms out with the golden flower or red, bloody flame, but in the same instant fades, its leaves fall off and become taken by... spirits"

Alexander Amfiteatrov, "Fireflower" 1895.


The gold ring "Rue" – fireflower of the ancient tales. It is called both lightflower, and Perun's flower, and even sunflower. When it blooms, the night is clearer, and seas are waving. When the Rue blooms, the ether becomes infused with love!

It is in contrast to all the other legends about fern color leaves, our rue will give the one who will pick it not treasures of the earth, but the most valuable thing – happy love.

Artisans of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House have reproduced in precious enamels and shining diamonds the exact moment when the golden rue turns into a red flower at Kupala Night.

Ethnic ornament on the circumference of the gold ring is as ancient as the legend of the flower of happiness. In it you can feel the heat of Kypala bonfires, aroma of summer nights, hear the Vesnyanka-song. Artisans have weaved these ancient patterns with hot cloisonné enamels which means that the ring "Rue" absorbed a particle of Kupala magic.