Gold Diamond Enamel Ring

Collection: Ethnic Patterns


gold, enamel, diamonds.

№ 753926


Ring “Carpathians”


"I have the wings, as grew up in the Carpathians,

As grew up in the Carpathians, where the eagle flies!

I have blue eyes, as in Ukraine

There are blue, blue nights, water, and the skies!

Natalia Buchyns’ka, "Carpathians"


The gold ring “Carpathians” is a twang of Hutsul pipe over the Carpathian Mountains. It flies over the mighty beeches and slim ashes, gently awakens evergreen pines and firs, barely touching crystal streams. And only Sylun the giant alarmingly slothful hideth his hand in his dungeon, having heard a song of the Carpathians.

Artisans of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House managed to convey the soul of the Carpathian Mountains. Here we can see both vyshyvanka rich in a combination of colors, and mysterious dawn over untrodden forests, and the top of Goverla, adorned with the first diamond ray of the Sun, and famous waves of Svydovets' and Gorgana ridges, and, of course Arkan, Hutsul dance, which, according to legend, was danced by epical heroes who walked down the tops.

With colorful cloisonne enamels the jewelers have recreated the virgin beauty and luxuriant generosity of the Carpathians. The hot enamel technique is similar to the character of the Sarmatic Ridge (an archaic name) – tempered in fire, they, enamels, are getting just finer.

Carpathians gold ring. Better than mountains can only be the Carpathian Mountains.