Gold Diamond Enamel Ring

Collection: Ethnic Patterns


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 7753924



Gold ring with enamel and diamonds


"I will praise thy name, Makosh the great, thou shalt not leave me in my deeds. I accept my women's destiny, thou hast given, I promise to be a good missis to my home, to give everyone welcome, to love and gladden my family folk... . Thou beest hailed forever, Makosh the great!"

Ancient Slavonic charm


Makosh gold ring – the one spinning the threads of Destiny. Makosh (Mokosh), perhaps, the most important, the most ancient goddess of Slavs and foremother of all Slavic gods. It is known for certain that the Makosh's idol stood in the Vladimir heathen temple in Kiev, being the only female deity of all. Her image is linked to the housing and handloom weaving, and another – to destiny.

Gold ring "Makosh" – the goddess spins only known for her threads of destiny. Artisans of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House have put the charming embroidery of hot cloisonne enamel along the golden canvas, having created the amulet ring that has a great force encrypted in it. By the way, for ages Makosh is portrayed with cross-stitch embroidery solely and necessarily surrounded by Slavic runes. In the gold ring "Makosh" pixel enamel pattern alternates with diamonds.

Researchers believe that the word Makosh consists of Ma (mother) and Kosh (destiny).

Golden ring "Makosh" – the goddess of a happy destiny.