Enamel Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: Ethnic Patterns


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 667608



Enamel Diamond Gold Ring


Traditional Ukrainian embroidery is the most precious folk heritage in which motifs of love and devotion are combined with unbroken will for freedom and glory. For centuries embroidery has been a source of true faith in the bright future reflecting cultural heritage with social and spiritual experience of the Ukrainians.

We know much enough about the symbolism of Ukrainian cross-stitch to consider it a mirror that reflects self-contained authentic culture. An ornament except its aesthetic concept was a message including information about a social position, marital status and even one`s mood. Each region of Ukraine had its specific pattern.

In the ring “Cross-stitch” the artists placed a geometric ornament inspired by deep traditions of Bukovina, the Carpathians and Lugansk. Soft sparkles of diamonds looking like small precious drops underline magnificence of beauty. Warm shine of enamel in sequence with colors palette of embroidery of the mentioned regions keep wisdom of centuries which Ukrainians inherited from their ancestors.

And of course there is gold too. It is a symbol of light and nobility, of a kind smile of those people.

Ukrainian embroidery can tell us a lot. Its implementation in precious metals and minerals with sophisticated enamel can tell a connoisseur how impressive Ukrainian historic tradition is.

And the elements of the ornaments will tell about a palette of feelings, hopes and aspirations reflected in cross-stitch.