Handcrafted gold necklaces


The beautiful gold necklace is one of the most important jewels in the art of fine jewelry. Gold necklace as the type of fine jewelry has an amazing story. Ittakes its origins from ancient times, when worthy and the most famous women in the worldchose gold necklaces as their most precious jewels. According to legend, Cleopatra wore a magic pearl necklace in shape of papyrus leaves with precious stones. Cleopatra believed that her pearl necklace helped her to gain the heart of Mark Antony.

Handcrafted gold necklaces with precious stones command huge popularityfrom high society: artists, executives and politicians. Jewelry necklace is a status element, an object of superiority and admiration. It gives an incredible charm and splendor to its wearer. Gold necklaces, especially adorned with precious or semiprecious stones can be found at official receptions, ceremonies, or fine parties in any case accompanied by beautiful women in evening dresses. Handcrafted gold necklaces with precious stones transfigure women into goddesses, who willeclipse all those present with their beauty. That transfiguration has no secrets, as such expensive and exquisite jewelry can serve as a worthy means to highlight women's natural charm. .

Available handcrafted gold necklaces: