«Inflorescence of Love»

Enamel Diamond Ruby Sapphire Gold Bracelet


gold, diamonds, rubies, pink sapphires, blue sapphires, classic jewelry painting - finift.

№ 753918



«Inflorescence of Love»

Enamel Diamond Ruby Sapphire Gold Bracelet


"Through half-closed eyelids,

I see, I see that you're with me,

And forever held in your hand

Is my unopened fan".

Anna Akhmatova, 1913


The gold bracelet "Inflorescence of Love" is an undisclosed declaration. While the melody of cherished words has not sounded yet, while the dance of passionate glances has not started yet, the bud of love is only starting to burst with precious fantails.

Artisans of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House painted the fantails with the finift, unique and exclusive technique on precious snow-white hot enamel. Under the microscope leaf by leaf the Inflorescence of Love was bursting. Its tenderness is conveyed with pastel strokes of enamel, its passion is warmed in glowing furnaces, its beauty is stressed with diamonds and rubies. In an invaluable bouquet pink sapphires, aristocratic stones of love, are shining. And blue sapphires with dew drops are sparkling on the golden crop of the bracelet.

French high society used to think that a fan in hand of beautiful woman's hand was similar to the scepter of worldly possession. Unopened fan is uncomfortable player, which plays its diplomatic game.

Gold bracelet "Inflorescence of Love". "Forever held in your hand".