Enamel Pendant With Diamonds


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 772380



"The beginning of all beginnings, and a symbol of the universe,

The place where the dreams

And life's new senses, hopes are born..."


 The Sun, warming every living being... Bright, hot, with divergent from the center rays, seeking to embrace and warm everything... A nest, enveloping the fledgelings with its warmth, bestowing the confidence and love... And warm colors and ethnic patterns, and colorful drawings, and mind-boggling vivid shades of fancy jewelry enamel revive something forgotten, native, loved - all of this is pendant "Nest."

When there is a base, it is easy to live. When there is the foundation and roots, the present is infallible, and the future is beautiful. A man is strong with his native home, like a bird with its nest. And then there is a will to live and work, to present oneself, giving feelings and emotions, warmth and love as well as pendant "Nest" – a symbol of the home, its coziness and warmth, exudes the joy of life. As the diamonds shine and twinkle like stars that will help to find the path at night As a pure gold making feel inviolability and consistency. Warmer and warmer are the shades from the center to the edge of the circle, and more patterned are the layers and gold placers.

You will keep an unforgettable feeling of belonging to native roots in the heart. You will be warmed by the hands of artisans, able to find their way to your the soul. Since you will have a unique work – pendant with a homely and inviting name – "Nest."