Enamel Gold Yellow Sapphire Pendant


gold, yellow sapphires, enamel

№ Н-15-01-074




Enamel Gold Yellow Sapphire Pendant


“Mount Meru is Svar-Loka, It is a heaven where Brahma, Vishnu and other Hindu Gods live. It is described as “it crosses the center of the earth and arises in both of its sides, the underworld and netherworld”. Its upper part is the place where the Gods live, the lover one is the place of the Demons.”

Elena Blavatskaya, “The Secret Doctrine”


Gold pendant “Svarga” is the wheel of Svarog. It is fixed near the North Star and rotates on its axis around the Pleiades. The other star clouds also rotate and when the Svarog`s day ends (27 thousand years), the picture of the night sky will change. The hands of the Cosmic clock move and we go our Cosmic way with Svarog.

The masters of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House created this ancient Vedic Aryan and Slavonic symbol for you. It is sprinkled with gemstones and decorated with engraving. Simple lines paint the night sky the way it was described by our ancestors.

There are infinite realities where the perfect Spirit lives. The jewelers painted it with complicated and changing touches of a jewel brush.

In the heart of the pendant there is a gorgeous jacinth that shines like the North star. In Book of Revelation it is mentioned that this gemstone is one of those that the walls of Jerusalem were decorated with.

An orange inlay of terracotta sapphires, artistic engraving and the volumetric Cosmic way make this lavaliere a universal sign that combines the symbols of the past and the beliefs of the present and future.