Handcrafted Gold Brooches


Today it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. Everyone follows the fashion, purchases original and stylish things, trying to dress up brightly and tastefully. That's why beautiful young women are looking for new ways to emphasize their images and personalities. Jewels with a thousand years of history –brooches, pendants, hair clips made of gold – help them to come up with.

Available unique handcrafted gold brooches:


You can buy brooches, pendants, hair clips of gold, shown in the catalogue, by previous appointment in the Showroom of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House or order them on our website. 

As well as with the help of our artisans you can create completely new handcrafted author's brooches, pendants and hair clips of gold, in which all your tastes and wishes will be taken into account!


Women of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt used to wear amulet pendants. Diamond pendants were popular in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance; they adorned women in the 20th century. During this time, gold pendant jewelry for women was getting more and more original. Goldsmiths perfected their skills, and their imagination allowed to create amazing handmade jewelry for women. Whimsical animals, plants, female names, zodiac signs, the phenomena of nature – all these were cast by artisans in gold, in order that each girl was able to pick up the piece of jewelry, which would be to her liking. 

Women can choose beautiful pendants in white, yellow, red gold with precious stones or minerals. Handmade jeweled pendant of gold is perfect for an evening apparel, especially if it is a golden jewel with large amethyst, agate, jasper, emerald, opal and cubic zirconia. Trendy stones, strange shapes, unusual solutions – all this will attract attention to the girl and make her vibrant persona at every party. Luxurious and exclusive women's pendants of gold with diamonds will help you to emphasize the perfect taste and high status, unlike elite costume jewelry from online stores. 

Vanessa Hudgens, Adrianna Paige, Lily Donaldson, Julia Roberts and other famous women of modernity wear expensive pendants of gold, platinum and other precious metals. Women carefully choose pieces in the catalogues of jewelry, skillfully combining them with different golden jewels – bracelets, earrings, rings. They ably select jewelry in the same style and of the same execution method. Their image turns out unusual and new every time, thus attracting the attention of others.