«Golden Voice»

Gold Diamond Cufflinks


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«Golden Voice»

Gold Diamond Cufflinks


Being dissolved in music haze

We freeze admiring sounds that we hear

And contemplate the flow of golden blaze,

It’s never far, it’s always very near.


Light modulations, heavy basses, the cognate intonations, some notes taken anew, the voices that either full-flow like a river or spring like a crystal сreek. At times it pitches up to the sounds of dense waterfalls or drops down to sonorous thaw-dripping. And we cannot but listen to, hear, heed, rejoice, wonder… We are under the magical spill of sound inflexions and tonal nuances, the swings of sentiments and all those characters hiding themselves behind it all.

“The Golden Voice”… embedded with purely beautiful brilliants….is just a true miraculous masterwork. It will conquer the whole of you the way all worthy pieces of art or talents do. It is like Love that shoots its arrows straight through your heart, captivating your soul and filling each and every of your body cells.

Come wear tonight your favorite eternally fashionable tuxedo, best-beloved perfumes and elite abdomens, cloaking yourself in the charming train of sensibly sensual music and harmony.

Let’s listen to it… to really hear, this secretively tempting Golden Voice.