«Member`s of Parliament Badge»

Enamel Diamond Gold Badge


gold, diamond, enamel.

№ Н-14-10-633


«Member`s of Parliament Badge»

Enamel Diamond Gold Badge


Men`s jewel “Member`s of Parliament Badge” This piece of art by Lobortas Classic Jewelry House meets the requirements of the badge for the Member of the Russian State Duma. According to the protocol, each member of the State Duma receives two badges. Numbers of badges correspond to numbers of licenses.

Small badges of the Parliament`s members refer to the tradition of wearing orders, medals and badges that identified positions of theirs holders. Wearing of such orders was not regulated b the law. Small badges were worn instead of “full- size” versions of orders.

By the way, the badges` production was not an easy thing. To make such miniatures the jewelers had to be very attentive because a small copy had to be similar to the oroginal.

The “Member`s of Parliament Badge” is made of pure gold. On the top of the flag there is a beautiful diamond. The Russian Federation flag`s poll is decorated by hand with engraving that looks like a web. There is also tiny engraving on the perimeter of the flag`s field. White, blue and red enamels stand for the Russian national flag`s colors while the inscription confirms the honorable position of the man who wears the badge.