Diamond Sapphire Gold Silver Cufflinks


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Gold Cufflinks


“Dear mother of mine,

You would spend sleepless nights,

You would bring me afield of wheat golden and fine.

You saw me to the door when I left in the dawn light.

And you gave me the towel for luck with embroidery line” 

(From the song “About the Towel” by Andriy Malyshko)

Translated by Valery McBasilM


The men’s cufflinks “Vyshyvanka” personify the common ethnic property, the very heart and soul of the people.

Vyshyvanka has always been, is and will surely be not only the historical but also spiritual and cultural element of the nation. More than 100 variations of its design and methods have been created; to name but a few of them we should mention such types as satin-stitch, surface and candlewick, red (blue, white, gold or black) work, crewel and cross-stitch, drawn & pulled thread embroideries. All the abundance of geometrical figures variety is merely uncountable.

The cufflinks “Vyshyvanka” represents one-color embroidery pattern upon unbleached linen-canvas. The rich jewelry enamel hues will never fade away. Similar to Vyshyvanka, which is kept as a family relic ancestors’ message, the cufflinks will hand down the profound wisdom of our people, our beliefs and traditions to future generations.

The right side of the cufflinks is a symbolic folk-towel “rushnyk”, decorated with delicate stitch-work, done with the unique handicraft engraving guilloche technique. The guilloche line also runs upon the back-side of the cufflinks to underline the originality of “Vyshyvanka”.

The cufflinks are made of gold and adorned with brilliants and sapphires.