Diamond Gold Cufflinks


gold, diamonds.

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Men`s cuff-links are not just a necessary element of style but also a very useful present.

The world of fashion has its own rules and functionality is one of the most important of them. Men`s cuff-links “Buckle” is one of the real pieces of modern jewelry art of high aesthetic value. In the time when men`s decorations had became trendy and when cuff-links were classic accessory they were considered to be a feature of aristocratic style.

Regardless of a small size, this kind of accessories gives jewelers a wide field of operation and creativity. Exclusive design of the cuff-links that have a shape of a buckle and a strap decorated with sparkling diamond buttons creates an illusion of a relief surface that resembles natural skin. This kind of design make the accessory a part of bright and outstanding person that has his special style. The cuff-links “Buckle” can be combined with other accessories such as a tie clip made in the same style or worn independently.

More and more women consider that a watch and cuff-links are distinguishing accessories of a strong and successful man. In the distant 40ies Erich Maria Remarque had already known that due to his gold cuff-links by Cartier he could make a good impression on Marlene Dietrich. And he was right.

This accessory makes a men`s image finite and solid.

Remaining trendy at all times, the cuff-links made of gold and diamonds keep memories of the aristocratic orogin of the man.