People`s Deputy
Gold Diamond Enamel Badge


gold, diamond, enamel.

№ Н-12-11-821


 In the past a badge was usually fixed on a tailcoat`s lapels and nowadays also on an elegant jacket. It is a certain code. This status accessory could tell a lot about its owner. The badge itself was a small copy of an order, a professional or military award. It has always been a decoration, a present or a piece of art.

Nowadays badges are a part of luxury jewels of a high class.

A high level guilloché technique that was introduced by great jeweler Fabergé, creates a certain appearance of business-style jewels making them look ceremonial, elegant, beautiful and aristocratic.

The smaller the jewel is, the higher are qualifications and skills of the jewelers. In this badge the masters used guilloché of the metal basis engraving it with tiny parallel lines at different angles and then putting enamel on it. Due t this technique the colors of the flag are bright, a play of colors is combined with the shining diamond on the badge`s top.