Diamond Sapphire Ruby Enamel Gold Ring

Collection: Pret-a-Porte


gold, diamonds, blue sapphires, terracotta sapphires, ruby, enamel.

№ 667681

Freshness is not that simple. It is blossom and life, absolute acceptance of beauty inside and outside you. This is beauty that makes you feel refreshed, strong and self-confident. It is ability to admire and be admired. You can touch freshness and breath it, feel its lightness and infinity if you wish.

For someone freshness is an integral feeling, something like a sparkling gemstone. A ruby, for example. It is magnificent and mysterious, but also has harmony inside. This harmony makes you feel happy when you look at this gemstone.

For someone else freshness may seem mild like the sky reflecting in a blue sapphire. To make the sky joyful and vital, terracotta sapphire wake up at the sunrise. They look like the rays of the sun and symbolize eternity and changeability of life.

Only free people see freshness as a diversity of various images, like a piece of jewelry that is a quintessence of freshness, eternity of life, harmony and faith in your own lightness and unique individuality.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin