«Icy Fantasy»

Pearl Diamond Gold Ring

Collection: High-End


gold, diamonds and pearl.

Winter is a real handywoman who easily makes various lines and ornaments a real wonder of nature. It gives them pure and royal shine. At all times artists, musicians poets and inventors praised masterpieces of winter. They dreamed of reproducing magnificence of queen`s masterpieces in their art.

To embrace sparkling icy ornaments with warmness of gold is the pinnacle of jeweler`s craft. Noble shine of diamonds as a piece of icy painting brings a feeling of celebration and a promise of a day full of smiles and joy. Soft shine of the pearls brings sweet memories and hopes.

Diamonds embraced by gold symbolize magnificence of winter and tell us that creativity can turn ice into warm and soft beauty. Precious gemstones resemble that beauty of “Icy Fantasy”will shine and give winter freshness at any time of the year. Unique piece of art made by gifted masters will have an eternal life due to happy glance of its mistress. Inside this sophisticated construction there is a pure pearl. It moves in harmony with its mistress. Embraced with diamond ant fixed in it, a pearl creates unrepeatable sounds like thousands of bells on the Snow Queen`s sledge.

Self-confident and beautiful ladies will enjoy beauty of icy motifs in any weather. It is a privilege of those who know that tomorrow will be a wonderful day as warm as gold ans as beautiful as icy ornament on the window.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin