Enamel Diamond Silver Earrings


silver, white diamonds, cognac diamonds, black diamonds, classic jewelry enamel.

№ Н-15-07-579


«My Country»

Enamel Diamond Silver Earrings


Bright enamel shines on n the pure silver surface of the earrings. It looks like an embroidered ornament, accurate and precisely made engravings decorate the edges. The wavy shape presents mysterious light of diamonds. Black gemstones are symbols shine like a mystery, their cognac color is like honey and shines like gold. White gemstones look like pure clouds. All these is united in an original composition, firm, elegant and simple as folk embroidery, like a Ukrainian melody, like the landscapes of our country. They have been a source of inspiration for our ancestors and have inspired us to create these decorations.



Photo by Vladislav Filin