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“Archangel Michael”

Enamel Diamond Gold Men's Badge


gold, enamel, diamonds.

№ Н-13-10-626


 A gold badge (a small copy of an order fixed to a lapel) have already become a piece of jewelry art. In Russian empire badges were worn according to the protocol and etiquette.

The most famous badges were made of gold and silver, sprinkled with gemstones and decorated with enamel or engraving. The process of making of such decorations was quite complicated. The jeweler had to reproduce all the nuances and details.

Our Jewelry House makes badges according to the rules of the genre basing on our or your own sketches. We follow the traditions of this art and use new innovative techniques.

The coat of arms of Kiev features the Archangel Michael who is considered to be the patron of the capital of Ukraine. The shape of the badge resembles the shape of the national flag. There are diamonds on the badge`s edges and the Archangel is painted on the background of precious baked enamel that Carl Fabergé was famous for. Due to this variations of light and deepness of enamel are more obvious.