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Fine silverware in the history of jewelry art takes pride of place. It is inseparable from the material culture of modern era, is closely linked to the correspondent domestic lifestyle, is an integral part of subject environment, in which he or she lives. Solving practical and artistic tasks in silverware, precious tableware, giving the tone to any meal, belong to the sphere of creating the material and spiritual values, play role of symbols, showing social status of their owner.

Over the centuries the masters of jewelry used splendor and shine of precious metals and stones to create elegant and sophisticated tokens of wealth. Historically, dinnerware jewelry, precious interior objects, being very valuable, always served a purpose: as means of religious rituals, court ceremonies and as embellishers of nobity's homes. Today, as many centuries ago, these products provide visual or auditory accents and create unique interiors, aesthetically pleasing the surrounding attire.

Handcrafted fine dinnerware is especially unique in that it is a rare value. The basic materials for the manufacture of such are gold and silver. They have remarkable properties: high ductility, malleability, softness, flexibility. Moreover, utensils of silver have antibacterial action. At the time of Alexander the Great, the warriors of his army often suffered stomach diseases, and commanders did not. This riddle was solved only many years later. The warriors had tin cups, and their commanders had silver ones.

Precious dinnerware collections can be afforded only by the well-off people, millionaire families and the ruling royal dynasties. The most expensive silverware in the world is De Lаmerie. Although the history of the luxury brand counts 300 years, its utensils under the brand name continue to haunt minds of collectors at the auctions Sotheby's and Christie's. De Lаmerie sets are made from the finest porcelain and painted with 24K gold. Crystal and silverware are also decorated with finest fretwork and precious stones. It is not by chance that such dinnerware is present in canteens of prince of Brunei, United Arab Emirates sheikhs and other crowned persons. Unwittingly the greatest piece of enamel and jewelry art comes into mind, the most vivid example of invaluable utensils, stored in the Vienna Museum of Art History. It is pepper and salt cellar "Saliera" by Benvenutto Cellini.

By purchasing the items of wealth and luxury, many owners deliberately create individual collections of homogeneous precious products of great value. These collections are being systematized and have a lot of rare specimen. Such precious jewelry have a high monetary value, however, together with that they are unique art objects and masterpieces of artistic skill.

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