Jewelry Symphony «Time of the World»


The birth of a jewelry masterpiece is long and laborious process, which sometimes lasts many years. The highest value of a masterpiece is based on exclusive and incomparable quality: precious stones and metals are just components, important details that make a jewelry thing almost immortal. This work of art enchants with its self-dependency and superiority, you can see time running inside of it – and, of course, it is a very reliable and profitable investment project for its owner.


“Time of the World” - is a work of jewelry art created by Lobortas Jewelry House. It took tree years to make this jewelry symphony, 24 artists and masters have participated in making process. Such complicated things can be found just in several countries, which have their own schools of jewelry art. They are Great Britain, Germany, France and Russia. But today the world art treasury’s got a new masterpiece born in Ukraine – “Time of the World” jewelry symphony.


“Time of the World” is like a lotus flower, which symbolizes the Universal Spirit. He sends power and grace to our endless world – you can even see it on golden steps decorated with diamonds. Our world full of vain, sins and suffering perceives this gentle grace and use its power, because it is a gift of the Universe. All that breathes and moves under the Sun is still alive because of God’s grace, love and power coming from Heaven. It’s not an accident that elephants, kind and strong animals, carry heavy silver Sphere of Heaven decorated with diamond signs of the zodiac. Because the elephants’ power keeps these signs in order. If you look attentively to the Sphere, you can find not 12 but 13 signs. The New one is the Snake-bearer.


Clock dial is in the centre of composition. It is inside the Sphere of Heaven, where every second and every minute is counted. It symbolizes the inexorable course of history and immortal Nature of the Universe. A big asterisks sapphire of 28 ct. weight sends its inextinguishable light to all diamond stars around. Under the newly made clock dial you’ll find old mechanism of 150 years of age. It keeps old masters secrets and, like invisible thread, unites the past and the present.


Things like “Time of the World” do not let us forget about outstanding artists and masters, who have made this work of art, and, of course, such refined things make us remember their owners. Their names are written on golden pages of history…


Faberge Foundation and Moscow Kremlin curator Tatyana Muntian and a Christies expert Valentin Skurlov were the first, who got interested in works by Lobortas Jewelry House. They are sure that “Time of the World” has great value as a work of art and has a right to be placed among the world jewelry masterpieces by Cartier and Faberge.


We must admit, that our symphony has no equivalents among modern jewelry products. During production process we have used various jewelry techniques such as engraving, carving, chasing, sawing and a unique technique of monetary engraving (just a few masters are able to use it nowadays).


Materials: gold, diamonds, silver, sapphires, lyapis, rauh topaz, nefrit.


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