Machine gun "Maxim"

Functional Miniature Model




steel, wood.


This model is adapted for shooting type Flaubert.



Machine gun "Maxim"

Functional Miniature Model



Silver Gold Ivory Diamond Petrified Wood Hunting Knife


In Europe, gunsmiths made miniature copies of existing weapons yet in the XVI century, while Russian artisans showed their talent at the Parisian World Fair 1802. The 6-gram weight revolver from Tula got the Grand Prix. Since then, ultra-small caliber firearms were presented to the Tsar first, and then to the chiefs and country leaders. It became collectible and earned the artwork status.

Maxim gun is considered the ancestor of all automatic weapons. That is why the work of artisans, who meticulously and thoroughly reproduced "Maxim", reduced in 4.5 times, ravishes even more!

Several artisans were involved to create this miniature masterpiece. Some made metal parts, other – wooden parts and bullets. Since heavy machine-gun "Maxim", made of steel and wood, is a functional gun, it shoots Flobert type .22 BB Cap ammunition. Of course, there will not be enough energy of tiny gas portion to bang away with cartridge belts. Nevertheless, mini machine gun fires sporadically. Moreover, it shoots with remarkable precision and aiming.

In Flobert type .22 BB Cap ammunition, a capsule mix is laid instead of gunpowder, which makes barrel foul. In all the rest, the miniature Maxim machine gun repeats the original in exact.

Machine Gun "Maxim" – a weapon of victory!