The Heraldry Council conference in honor of
the 290th anniversary of the Heraldry Service of Russia

21-22 February 2012 


In the State Hermitage museum the inaugural meeting of the Heraldry Council at the President of the Russian Federation and scientific conference devoted to 290th anniversary of Heraldmaster Office and the 20th anniversary of Heraldry service of Russia, which was attended by the world's best specialists from France, Venezuela, Canada, other countries.




The conference was devoted to heraldry theory, the history of heraldry and modern heraldic practice. At the invitation of the Hermitage the jewelry symphony "The Tsar Bird", which was created by the Lobortas House, embodying all the major important moments of the history and theory of heraldry and a reference example of a modern heraldic practice.

Such a kind of a symbol is created for the first time in the entire history of the Russian State and jewelry art, and the portrayal scale exceeds many other previously existing masterpieces.

Superb jewelry mastery let the precious jewel “Tsar Bird” take the central place in the Blue Room of the Hermitage during this event.

Creative artistic discoveries and techniques, coupled with the heraldic similarity with the Russian Coat of Arms, gave rise to the lively discussion of the conference participants. This is the first object in the history of heraldry and jewelry art, known to the specialists.

The Tsar Bird is the first object of modern jewelry honored to be represented at such a high level, and was rated very high by the leading experts and employees of the Hermitage Museum.

The general director of the State Hermitage. N. B. Piotrovsky extended appreciation to I. Y. Lobortas for his assistance in strengthening of cultural ties between Slavic peoples.